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Well, to understand better what this company brings to the table you have to get the roots of where it has come from and what it stands for. POS miners just like most companies was started to fill a gap for crypto currency investors. The company is made up of three able directors with years of experience in the crypto currency and network marketing world. POS miners offers a safe and secure place where people from all walks of life can learn about digital currencies as well as grow their investments. Through the dedication of God fearing and highly ambitious people, we bring together expertise and the best trading software to finally open the crypto market world to our investors.
OUR Mission
Our core mission is to bring back integrity and expertise in the crypto currency markets. POS miners is a little about the money and more about the people. We plan to be a world class company that will improve the quality of life for all our stakeholders.
OUR Vision
To take care, enrich and empower lives around the world. Ensuring that there is 100% transparency between the company and the investors.
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Blockchain consensus
In a proof of work Blockchain consensus model, miners/validators compete to create the next block in the chain by racing to validate transactions - usually an extremely computation intensive cryptographic puzzle. The first miner to find the solution to the puzzle wins the lottery; the reward is currently 12.5 Bitcoins for the successful miner plus all transaction fees of the transactions included in the block.
However, in proof of stake Blockchain, your chance of emerging as the creator of the next block depends on the amount of coins you hold in the respective system. Case in point, a validator with 1000 coins will be ten times as likely to be chosen that another validator with only 100 coins.
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