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2018-09-14 22:38:15
The best company
Penny from Kenya
The best company I have ever engaged. Very honest, transparent and a family. The returns are amazing and I will recommend this company for every serious investor. I have invested with them from February and I cannot regret. Every investor should enjoy this

2018-07-21 22:36:58
Plant your Bitcoin with Posminers
Adekanmbi Sunday from Nigeria
FOCUS ON POSMINERS. Forget about past years Bitcoin failure. Instead, start focusing on the longtime investment with posminers, and your financial statutes will never remain the same again. I started with them in February 2018 till now they never failed me. What are u waiting for. TODAY IS THE DAY TO PLANT YOUR BITCOIN WITH POSMINERS. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT!!!!!

2018-07-19 06:05:02
Berner from Kenya
I Am Bena from Kenya and I can say am so happy to invest and be part of posminers. I can shout as many to be in a real team make my thoughts to come in a realistic nature....Mali my guider am glad for you.. Caro my big boss be blessed for your honesty and trust ,truely you are a leader and a progressive matured lady, posminers thanks I am real now and can advice people out there to join and feel the sweetness future ,they have missed great opportunity ....always pos and am here to stay ...thank you

2018-07-15 15:18:41
Invest your bitcoin with Posminers
TEMILOLA Adekanmbi from Nigeria
I am from Nigeria, I want to tell the world that at last l have found the honest, trustworthy and rest of mind company that paysmy monthly income with bitcoin constantly. I started with them February 2018.Since then my financial status never remain the same again. Invest your bitcoin with posminers, you will never ever regret it. Up posminers feel you!!!!!!

2018-07-13 23:22:47
Posminers - great source of passive income
Marina Grigoryan
Hello Everyone. I am a proud member of This company is a great source of passive income. I have been with posminers from the very start and below i represent my video testimonial which will give you detailed information about company and packages. God bless Posminers <3. This company is a true blessing in my life.

2018-07-13 17:39:26
I always get my capital back with profit
Hi everyone, I am Zeph Egbufor from Nigeria, Joined POSminers Jan 2018. (Whatsapp +2348033367954) POSMINERS IS A TESTED & TRUSTED SITE. 100% GUARANTEED. I have worked with a lot of cryptocurrency platforms and i see Posminers to have the most sustainable passive profit source on your investment from the POS Algorithm mining that it uses to generate the profits (Google: POW vs POS mining). Also they are reliable in payment of withdrawals within 1hr to 24hrs without any charges/fees on your earnings and i have made several withdrawals successfully within that time. Most companies don't give you back your capital and they just impose crazy charges that take all your profit and leave you with nothing. Here in POSminers i always get my capital back plus profit of 33%-54% in 45 bank days as promised. (If i invest 1BTC, i can make profit of 0.5BTC, so my total available for withdrawal will be 1.5BTC in 45 Bank days which is fair enough). Invest weekly as i do (if you can), you will earn weekly after your first 45 bank days. You can refer up to 8 levels and earn from every team investment and re-investment within the 8 levels. POSminers is the most simple, straight forward and sustainable Bitcoin investment platform with no fees. CONTACT ME & JOIN US IN THE (VIP TEAM GLOBAL) SIGNUP: WITHDRAWAL PROOF VIDEO -

2018-07-12 13:14:59 My best choice
Adekanmbi Sunday from Nigeria
Hello great Admin. I really want to appreciate the work of admins. You guys are doing great job. I pray that God Almighty will continue to strengthen you. My own offer is that, please admin let our dashboards show the rating of Bitcoin per hour. Thanks.

2018-07-12 09:22:51
Happy Customer
NAWAZ KHAN from India is the best investment company among others. They have been working since 2017. I'm one of the early investors in this company! I encourage everyone to join this amazing company for stable and profitable investment. Here is a video i made for posminers. Enjoy! Posminers - Your bridge to abundance. Happy Customer. Regards Nawaz.

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